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Broken and Ready for Repair - (testimony series) by Shawn Boreta

Broken and Ready for Repair
by Shawn Boreta

Broken does not mean non-functioning, or incapacitated, it does however mean ready for repair. 

I remember sitting in a classroom when I was very young and the words that rang in my mind every time I would sit down to read or write. They were the words that the enemy used to keep me from knowing who God had created me to be. The words that said, “Prepare Shawn to do something that does not require writing and reading. She cannot comprehend. She does not understand what she reads and has great difficulty staying focused.” Now, I don’t know the exact context or complete details of that conversation with that teacher, but I do know what those words did to me… Yet, we have a great God. And, I was given many gifts to compensate. A great memory, amazing people skills, a born schmoozer and encourager.

Somewhere in my twenties, I decided I would read, and I would read a lot. I began to read everything I could put my hands on. Started out with the newspaper, then magazine articles, then finally I got to books. Although, I read very slowly, and often had to read the same page, or paragraph over and over, I worked around the “difficulty”, and discovered a passion for learning.

My writing skills, however were not so good... I applied for college, and after three attempts to pass a writing class just to enroll, I was defeated. But, I had an innate desire to learn new things, so through my work, I gained skills. Every job I had was an absolute leap of faith on my part. I schmoozed and assured, and flourished.

At thirty, I was diagnosed with Spectral Sensitivity a form of dyslexia, which is worsened by florescent lighting. And, again, figured out easier ways to read and get through materials… by that time I was running a marketing department and only God knows how I read through all the materials, articles and papers that my department published. I was writing brochures, press releases and editing very technical and highly detailed documents. I learned to rely greatly on amazing partners, my team. And, discovered yet another gift. The gift of leadership, combined with encouragement has allowed an awesome journey.

You may wonder what this reflection back in time is all about, well, I am looking at where I have been, where I came from to determine what is next. I believe that this journey, with the obstacles that I have overcome tell, or foretell a pattern. Although I had not chosen God, I know that He was there, guiding a path, directing my heart toward brokenness, the moment when repair was imminent.

And that day did come, and the repairs have been many, although, not quite  perfect, they have been well received. The greatest part of all this is that I can express myself through the written word, effectively and through the glory of God, I am able to share my story. And, my daily prayer is that someone else can be encouraged, even if just a little.

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta

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