Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 720 of Giving Thanks

On my computer screen, I saw, "Your changes have been saved."

My mind started reeling... when we are saved, we will change, and with our coming to Him, we will continue to change. So, are my changes saved? hmmm. I believe so.

It is when we realize the LIMITLESSNESS of God in us that we begin to live for Him. When we know that He's got us 24/7, and will be there at every turn, every decision and for every encounter. Trust the Holy Spirit in you and keep the dialog open and CONTINUOUS... oh, how God is so GOOD!

"for every encounter", including all those of the enemy. Father we thank You for Your presence in our hearts and in our lives. Thank You that You desire so much for us, we pray that we can be who You desire for us, and in Your strength and power we trust and depend, in the mighty name of Jesus we give all our prayers to for perfecting intercession. Amen

Seeing God correctly takes work, His in us... not ours to Him.

“Don't you know? Haven't you heard? The Lord is the everlasting God; He created all the world. He never grows tired or weary. No one understands his thoughts.” ~Isaiah 40:28 (Good News Translation)

Tonight as I pull all the thoughts together, all of His nudges and promptings into an organized manner, I am reminded how much in me has changed, but there are times when I still do things the “old way”. Earlier today, I thought, “Don't we just complicate things? Don’t we place too much importance on what the world thinks or what is important to the world? My friends, we are to know that the bible is for us, specifically for “you.”  And, we get there by depending on the Holy Spirit who will translate what it is you need today – perfectly and completely according to what you need. All you have to do is ask in Jesus' name and it will be done. Lord, help us today bring Your truth to our hearts, allow our thoughts to ponder the greatness of You.

I just love when the simple thoughts are profound. And simply today, once again, God reveals a different way to look at pain and experiences. When my flesh is broken, my will seems to be going nowhere, that is when I know that it is all about the Lord - that it is His repair of me, and in me that allows me to see His will for my life.

And, the great thing about pain is that it never stays the same. You build up (yet more) tolerance or it moves to another location. I look forward to that move every day.

Lord, it is the mornings that You can draw me in, would it have been that way if I had sprung into action, rather that ease into my day? I thank You mighty and gracious God for all my circumstances, and I pray that my desire to be well, is Your will. Help me to know Your strength in me and help it to radiate through and about me today. Let me surrender and surrender all day, and remember to praise You through it all. In Jesus' name I pray for change and strength. Amen.

So, back to the work of Christ in my life, are the “changes saved”? I completely believe that His work in me has been a progression of, “Your changes have been saved”, and with every iteration, He changes and saves me again and again – not saved as in salvation, as that happens once, but “saved from myself” and “saved from daily disaster”. Forgiveness, that is the change that took me completely by surprise. There have been many instances where I have said, “No way Lord, you can’t have that… I can’t let go of that!”

Forgiveness without strings - comes through God's work in my life - and has happened in ways that I never dreamed possible, and in ways that I asked for. For years I wanted to hang on to the hatred and pain. It seemed much easier than letting go, and giving it to God.

My heart knew hatred – I had no problem remembering every hurtful and painful event or comment or what "they" did to me.

One day, I saw "their" life in a whole new light. God tore the hatred down and built up a wall of grace with amazing windows to a soul and revealed what I "knew not", and brokenness that I could not see through my own brokenness. He is really good, God is really, really good.

And in an instant, He took it, and I have never looked back.

‎"Live your life with love, following the example of Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us. He was a sacrificial offering that smelled sweet to God." ~Ephesians 5:2 (Common English Bible)

Only God can define me... everything else is just part of my circumstances, not who I am!

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta

Shawn Delia Boreta

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