Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 741 of Giving Thanks by Tina Wetor

A woman with no name taught us the most important lesson, anyone who truly touches Jesus is NEVER the same.  From all of the passages recorded of this woman, I wrote a story about her.  Although we don't know her name, we can learn so much from her.  Yes, it's a beautiful story, one of what the power of faith can do.  (This is paraphrased of one of the most precious miracles of Jesus.)

Daily a woman walks the streets amongst a busy town, everyone sees her but nobody knows her.  Why would they dare too?  She is a helpless beggar with nothing to offer.   A helpless beggar, does anyone care to know the circumstances of her life?  No one bothers to ask or to show compassion in their eyes instead they just pass her by.  Life is too busy to help a homeless beggar, so again she walks down the road alone.  Empty, broke, and sick of life’s difficulties but pain seems to be her only friend.  It comes daily to remind her, hope is lost.

As she walks down the street, the city is busy as usual except there seems to be excitement in the air.  All of the people are heading in one direction, what could be happening?  Why is there so much excitement today?  So, she dares to discover what the commotion is all about.  Silently she walks, so nobody will notice her.  She doesn’t want to scare anyone or risk being seen, she is an outcast.  An outcast for something beyond her control, she is sick.  So, sick the doctors have sent her away to die.  There is no hope, no cure.  All of her savings is gone.  She spent all her wealth with the hopes of being strong again.  Or is that some vague memory?

As she gets closer to the crowd, it’s hard to see what’s going on.  So, she keeps trying to see, she stands upon her toes to see above the crowd.  At that moment, she gets a glimpse of someone she has heard stories about.  Could it be?  Oh, it can’t be him!  Really, is it him?  So, she tries to get around the crowd but there are too many people.  Yet, her heart is fearful if the crowd notices her, she is unclean.  If she touches anyone, she could be stoned.  Death awaits her if she stays here or death comes if she goes.

Regardless of what others say, she refuses to listen to their words.  Yet, she knows all her wealth is gone, she is broke.  She spent all of her wealth to find hope but received empty promises.  Broken dreams and broken promises have left her a broken heart.  Her heart can’t reach anymore but at this moment, the crowd is getting heavier.  What’s all of the excitement?  As she lifts her eyes, she sees the man approaching, “It can’t be!”  Is it really him?  She is almost afraid to follow.  Inside her heart, she weighs all the options but she recalls the stories.  All of the marvelous stories of miracles everyone has been talking about.  Could the stories be true?  Would he help me?  As she sees the man approaching, she is so frightened.  What do I do?  Oh, here he comes, where shall I go for him to notice me?

Will he notice me?  As the crowd thickness, a moment of hope comes, she see his face.  It is Jesus!  How do I get closer?  The crowd is heavy, it’s beyond her reach.  Yet, she looks down to see his robe.  She can’t get his attention but she can touch him.  The crowd is focused on Jesus, so no one will notice me.  Inside her heart she says, “If I can only touch the hem of his garment, I will be whole.”  So, she presses towards the ground to touch the hem, she touched it.

Instantly she notices a difference, the sickness is gone.  Yet, she hears the terrifying words, “Who touched me?”  She hears one of the disciples, “Lord, why are you asking, “Who touched you?”  So, she comes trembling before the crowd and admits her wrong.

A midst a crowd of people who didn’t care about her or notice her, she awaits her destiny.  Death should be her sentence but Jesus comes to her.  “Daughter, go in peace.”  “Your faith as made you well.”

Wow!  Jesus called me, “Daughter!”  As she walks away from the crowd, tears roll down her cheeks.  “I am whole!”  “I can’t believe it!   As she starts walking home, she hears the words of Jesus, “I am a daughter!”

A woman without a name is remembered for a simple act of faith.  She only had one opportunity but she took it, she had to touch his hem.  What’s so amazing about this?  Jesus noticed instantly that someone touched him with faith, so His power touched her.  Sadly, so many people feel unworthy to touch Jesus.  Besides all of the rumors, some are true.  He wouldn’t want me, I am sure.  What can I give Him?    

What you need to realize in this Biblical story, she didn’t have nothing to offer but her faith.  She was willing to push through the crowd of people who wanted to see Jesus.  All of people wanted an opportunity, she took it.  What’s so precious, Jesus was on the way to help a family who lost a daughter.  It was a tragic day but instead it was a miraculous moment.  God isn’t a respecter of persons; He is willing to help anyone.  Yes, He wants to help you!  How can I be sure?  The nail scared hands, it says it all.  He is compassionate toward ALL He made.  He made you.  So, He wants to be near you even if you have nothing to offer but brokenness, debt, and pain.

Often, I think about this story:  A broken woman without hope, enormous debt and removed from society. Yet, she took one step of faith to touch His hem. She was an outcast who was left to die but Jesus felt her touch of faith, one touch is all it took. She was no longer an outcast, she was a daughter. She was healed in her heart, mind, and soul because Jesus touched her. Jesus changes everything. (Luke 8:43-47, Mark 5:25-34, Matthew 9:20-22)

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Tina Wetor

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