Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 728 of Giving Thanks

“For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind!” ~2 Timothy 1:7  'New King James Version"

I have lived so much of my life in fear. Fear of failure, fear of success. Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, fear of not being good enough…My life had become one big vicious cycle of fear. I would have anxiety attacks or panic attacks that would just come out of nowhere. It seems, as if I was living a life ruled and controlled by fear. Until, one day, I heard a speaker on TV mention the verse above. It was almost as if God was yelling at me to STOP! Stop feeding the fears.

In hearing  this one verse spoken out loud, I realized the following :


God did not want me to live my life this way. He wanted me to have a rich, fulfilling life, full of His blessings and His discipline and His strength.

God gives us the spirit of Power. Power over those fears, power over the enemy, power over our overwhelming circumstances.

God gives us the spirit of love. Love for those that hurt us, Love for ourselves, Love for our enemies, Love for our neighbor.

God gives us the spirit of a Sound Mind. A Sound Mind to overcome the fearful thoughts. A Sound Mind to overcome the angry thoughts, A Sound Mind to overcome the depression and the hopelessness.

Those are the things God has given us. How can we be His arms and legs if we are living in fear, afraid of our own shadow? How can we tell people His good news if we are afraid of what others may think? How can we live a God filled life if we are afraid to step out in faith?

God can do amazing things when we allow Him to help us get over our fears. Everyone is afraid of something, but God gives us the power to face those fears head one and conquer them.

Lord, thank you so much for showing me how to face my fears. Lord, thank you for being faithful and inspiring. Thank you for your Word, Lord, that shows us your ways. Lord, Thank you for helping me to live a fear free life! ~Amen

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Darci Escandon

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