Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day of 802 of Giving Thanks by Tina Wetor

When a life is completely surrendered to God, He will do the impossible in anyone’s life.  Although I have prayed years for my father’s salvation, the precious aftermath is still amazing to adjust to.  Who is this man?  Although the weak voice is familiar on the phone, the words are quite different.  My father has changed, it’s truly a miracle but I am still can’t comprehend the vastness.

If words can heal the soul, I am being soaked with affection.  My deepest desire has always been to be the “twinkle” in my father’s eyes.  Most of life, I was starved for any affection or words of affirmation from my father.  As I grew up, I was hoping my relationship with my father would be healed.  So many years have passed, hope almost died especially with dad fighting cancer.  Yet, I have peace to know my dad isn’t fighting God, he surrendered.

We will never get a chance to make-up the past but we can make choices for a brighter future.  It’s only through God’s power a miracle occurs, so when a sinner repents-a miracle was born.  It isn’t easy during the beginning of our faith, we are adapting to a new way of living.  Our thoughts, our attitudes, and choices are being transformed from our old way of life.  It’s learning daily to die to our desires so Christ can reign within our hearts.  Christ reigns!  Nothing will change this truth but the power of this truth resonates within a transformed heart.

Regardless of whatever a sinner has done, they all deserve the opportunity to be transformed.  Even if the Gospel has been presented a thousand times, we can never give up on them.  When we grasp that this an eternal issue, we will make it an important issue. It’s too precious an opportunity, so we must share it until the truth shatters the darkness.

One Sunday morning, I was worshipping the Lord in church service.  Yet, I admit my heart was fretting over what was happening to my father who was just admitted to the hospital.  It’s not easy being a million miles apart but my sister was present with him.  When I returned to the pew, my cell phone showed the text-“Dad has cancer.”  At that moment, the Lord spoke to my heart with a message to give my father.  As I wept with brokenness, I was strengthened with the message from the Lord.  Although cancer entered my father’s body, it was time to choose to fight for life.  It wasn’t about life on this earth, it was about eternal life.

Regardless of what is happening in our lives, God can do the impossible.  Whether it’s saving the vilest of sinners, healing the leper, or strengthens the fragile hope of His child-God is our present help.  He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.  Oh the joy of His fellowship is beyond description.  The love of His kisses is sweeter as He lifts my fragile soul to peace; God’s love does impossible things.  It’s what I am truly thankful for.

                                                        For nothing is impossible for God. Luke 1:37

© 2012 Giving Thanks Daily, Tina Wetor

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