Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 372 of Giving Thanks

Today is turning out to be very productive. I love life!

Now, from my perspective – a recovering type-A and workaholic – that is a powerful statement, considering only one project was removed from my list today. Right now I would have to say that my life is pretty darn awesome, as well as revealing – I know that “life” as we know it doesn’t always match our expectations. But I do know this, through everything, my God loves me perfectly. All I have to do is pay attention to my environment and keep my eyes and focus on God.

I will live greatly every day and part of living this way has come from having the ability to laugh at myself and to find joy in all things – which has been one of the greatest-gifts my heavenly Father has given me.

I will also remember that rejection comes at us from the outside, acceptance lives deep within me. I choose to live from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

And through faith, I will get to know my creator on levels that were once unbelievable. There have been some challenges that I am working through, and this morning I asked myself, “Am I confronting my life, or submitting it?” And today I know that I can only confront challenges in my life, once I have submitted.

"Faith is trust. Trust is action-oriented and it’s manifested often in confidence. That is to be bold, but in accord with wisdom, which is discernment." ~ Steve Wickham, Epitome

It is my habit (and choice) now to live with a great attitude. In this life we are dealing with the flesh, which fights against the heart. So, in the flesh, I must find ways to remember to seek God always by staying in His word, by always being grateful for what I have regardless of my circumstances. And, most importantly, know who is in control.

My beating heart Lord is Yours; this is the heart that You created with a plan and purpose, that You knew about as time was created, and this is the same heart that You will work on for all of my life. I am grateful for this heart of mine, this heart of Yours.


Shawn Delia Boreta

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