Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 378 of Giving Thanks - Guest Writer, Heather Palacios

A while back, our family went to Sea World for "Dine with Shamu." While my husband took the boys to the bathroom, Shamu jumped out, right by our table & scared the poop out of me.

I honestly can't believe I captured this pic!

Afterward, I kinda found myself empathizing with the big whale in his small tank.  I pondered to 10 years back when I was taken out of my big world & admitted to a psych ward because I was found in a parking lot committing suicide

Sometimes, in the world we're meant to live in, we are a danger to our own selves – and God needs to put us in His smaller, safer place of care. As whacked as it sounds, today I am thankful for the 72 hours when God took me out of my big sea and put me in the little tank of an 8x8 psych-unit cell. 'Cause it was there that I found Him again. 

God, you always know where we need to be. And I just can't thank you enough.

This Thanksgiving take a moment to dig down deep into the depths of your soul and rediscover reasons to give thanks to the great, awesome, loving God...who so faithfully resides there. 

Heather Palacios

A pastor's wife, mom and all around fun lady. Heather is energetic, quirky, transparent and loves Jesus and shares her life through laugher, joy and experiences on her blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. 

She has become one of my favorite people, and I know that you too will enjoy her spunk and flare for making people laugh.
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