Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 476 of Giving Thanks


Today, I am God's child - humbled to be serving such a mighty Father - but more than that, honored to be counted in such amazing company. I am almost 46, wife of Chris (almost 13 years), mother of Myranda (21). I accepted the Lord on October 30th, 2002; my husband's birthday - the brilliance of God's plan is revealed day by day, person to person, and revelation through revelation. I pray for the salvation of Chris, the restoration of Myranda’s love and trust in the Lord and restoration of my family – stone by stone.

My life is busy, not complicated. I work full time for a ministry helping women in unplanned pregnancies; I work in the corporate office – love the ministry. My passion is working with others to help them make informed choices to better their lives, and I am currently waiting on God to lead me to my next assignment.

Accepting the Lord and knowing and recognizing the Lord have happened at very different times in my life. And, I am excited about this journey God has me on – and I am learning so much through His “no” and “not now” answers to my prayers. My faith, up until a year ago has been passive to say the least, and living my faith out in His will in the most amazing gift ever.

The Lord has given me the ability to share my trials as triumphs and I am grateful.

Where I Came From
I have read numerous books. I was so far from God, and felt justified in my beliefs. My marriage vows could not include God, I wouldn't allow it. When the gospel was presented to me, I was insulted, angry and rude to the person. I did not find God in a time of things not going well. A relationship was formed as I was drawn to seek the truth. I read The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell; Letters of a Skeptic, by Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd, C.S. Lewis – to name a few.

I am not a scientist, a philosopher and basically have overcome many challenges that would bury most people - that was not an accident. I can look back on my life, before God, and see where a presence of Him was visible (not in the moment, in reflection).

It is not my job to convince anyone to seek or that what I believe is true; there are many more qualified people to talk to the more intellectual, and more educated than myself. Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel (his first work), C.S. Lewis to name a few. I am gifted in other areas, and my calling is not of apologetics. My gifts are relationship geared, and those are the people who God will attract through the Christ in me.

My personality is one of action and relation, non confrontational, I rarely take questions of my faith personally - but I have a deep concern for the world we live in. And the eternity of people I know. When I think of God, I believe every word of the bible (but only as translated through the Holy Spirit), that when the research is done with an open heart and mind, that a deep revealing occurs in that person.

My hope is that in my faith, I can still be compassionate and respectful about what others believe and hope they never feel attacked by me; and any offense taken will be their own making. I personally have never attacked another's belief - respectfully we have a right to practice our beliefs freely. And, with that said, my faith, my character because of my faith is attacked and the freedoms I now have are being threatened daily - and I am speaking of our society, attacking the basis of which this country was founded, and without the foundational beliefs of the founding fathers what nation would there be.

My eternity is secured, that is the hope and the promises of God. And, without that, what do we have? We have a life that will end, with no purpose under heaven whatsoever. My hand is extended, in every "debate", but my only argument is one of my testimony of the truth I know because of my personal experiences.

Some Insights (some of my stories).

Shawn Delia Boreta

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