Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 486 of Giving Thanks

My morning thought was –
“Greetings World,
You may think you've got me, but you don't. I may have momentary lapses of insanity as I look at what you offer, but deep down, it is NOTHING, no really nothing. I have God. He gave me His son (amazing, right?). He's promised heaven just because I believed.. and although you are right in front of me, He dwells IN ME (awesome, right?). But this greeting is NOTHING, the "farewell world" is EVERYTHING.”

And in a moment, I realized that the grieving process continues, but I revel in the changes and the outcome already determined. How about you?

When I first started reading the old testament, specifically those going through the grieving process or coming to God with the ripping of the sackcloth, I originally though, “how uncivilized”. This morning as I ponder that thought of mourning and grief, I know “how fragile, human and real” that act truly was. Let me be fragile, as then I know that I can feel; let me be human, as I know that it is a temporary state to be perfected one day; let me be real, so that I can see real and understand real.

It has been a pretty tough the last couple of weeks, and even through it, I have had a since of hope and confidence like never before. I would assume that it would be a time of standing in the street, and ripping at my sackcloth for sure. But I have God’s grace, in a moment of silence, a time of reflections, I already have His attention.

There are a couple of things in my life that are “up in the air” currently – stability type things – health and income and ‘what next’. I have cried a lot, which has been more of a release than grief – and I have prayed even more, which has been a soothing and calming activity – and I am growing immeasurably, which is a growth in patience and perseverance, with great hope of the possibilities that come to mind in the waiting.

Patience is not something I have to do, but something God will make me acquire through my circumstances. My responsibility as God grows my skills in patience, is to recognize that I am filled with the Holy Spirit and have unlimited resources with that power, and waiting is just part of the process.

  • Learning: among man, my opinion means nothing... with God at the controls, His opinion of me means everything.
  • Realizing: I cannot seek approval from ANY man... that I am already approved in God's eyes.
  • Establishing: a new personal approach that keeps me learning and realizing “what” to establish for God's work in me.

I remember daily as I go to the word, God’s blessings are in abundance... I just need to recognize them when they are in front of me, and grab on to what He has for me; His courage when I am fearful or anxious; while remaining faithful as I do.

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.” ~Nahum 1:7
And, with God, and the Holy Spirit in me… I know true courage is possible, because it…
C.omes from God
O.vercoming all obstacles
U.nderstanding He is in control
R.eleasing all anxiety and fears to Him
A.rmed in His grace and with His word
G.iving Him all the glory for the win
E.verything is given to Him
My faith is…
F.reely and openly loving God
A.lways seeking His guidance
I.nspired by His word daily
T.hankful for His grace eternally
H.olding onto His promises every moment

As I shut down for the evening, physically, I prepare mentally for my nightly talk with my heavenly Father.

Goodnight God – I am come to You for rest, comfort and the perfect sanctuary. Give me harbor in Your port tonight. Keep the waters calm in the days to come, or keep me in the boat during rough waters. Remind me to look toward the son and let His light shine about me for all to see.

“When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.” ~Proverbs 10:25

Shawn Delia Boreta

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