Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 600 of Giving Thanks

‎"I see you", God says... and He is smiling over my life. No matter how small a task or accomplishment it is never too small for His eyes. To watch me grow and learn gives Him joy. And as I grow and learn, I change – and I am not changing for the sake of change.And in this change I can honestly say, “I see You, God”... My God is powerful, tender, merciful and giving. As I change, I desire even more change; when I take the "me" out of my faith He will transform me even more. It is faith in God, not faith in "me" that is doing that accomplishes His plans. He already did it all. "i" get to believe and reap the benefits of a faithful God and His perfect plans.

With the guide and power of the Holy Spirit His work in me will be accomplished! The change I desire is less mine, and more of His. This is a process and a process that I am completely and wholly committed to – there are desires that have been placed greatly, slowly and quietly on my heart – and only through Him will my dreams and desires be met.

As I wait on God to move in my life for the things I "want" - I can praise all the things He moves that I am unaware of or hadn't thought of, and even those things I don’t agree with. His will, His timing, His perfect plan every time and I am learning to trust what He brings, plants and harvests in my life.

“I pray to GOD—my life a prayer—and wait for what he'll say and do. My life's on the line before God, my Lord, waiting and watching till morning, waiting and watching till morning.” ~Psalm 130:5-6 (The Message)

I am only comforted these days by His words, my time alone in His presence and the awakening in my heart for pleasing Him.

“I find rest in God; only He gives me hope.” ~ Psalm 62:5 (New Century Version)

My friends, He has plans for your life. He has plans for my life. And we can think, “Wow, me! Can you imagine that?” The creator of the universe has plans for you and me. That is awesome to know!

By the way, have you realized yet that there is a voice calling to you? Have you heard it? Can you feel it?
What is it?  Your wonderful and mighty creator, calling to you and drawing you near, prompting you to answer. He is always right here for you, yes you!

All I need to do is, join Him daily in prayer. Let us remember to praise Him during our good and bad moments and circumstances. All I need to do is, believe and accept His work on the cross is our choice - His gift of life, hope and salvation is there for us to receive.

My Lord. He came in to this world, just like you and me.
He learned, grew and walked, as we all do.
He taught others, prayed deeply and felt pain and heartache, a man.
He was loved and followed - betrayed, hated, mocked, pursued and taunted, we can, at times, relate.
He suffered greatly, hung on a tree, died and rose to glory, we look in awe.
Today, He is loved and followed, and He loves us, for we see it in what He "lived through", and His death was for us.

So, my friends, if you have already chosen “Him”, now it’s time to really pay attention, and to focus on His voice, His promises! What voice do you listen to as you work toward your goals and dreams? Is the voice encouraging you or discouraging you?

“The Lord is near to those who are discouraged; He saves those who have lost all hope.” ~Psalm 34:18 (Good News Translation)

Even as His children, the common thing to do is doubt and let go of a dream due to mocking or the disbelief of others.

Isn't it time to dig deep and allow the right voice to lead the way?
Isn't it time to allow the Holy Spirit to help you turn a deaf ear to the naysayers and settlers of this world? 
Isn't it time to believe that we are heaven bound and we have the right stuff to reach our goals and dreams?

“Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you. Everyone who asks will receive. The one who searches will find, and for the one who knocks, the door will be opened.If your child asks you for bread, would any of you give him a stone?” ~Matthew 7:7-9 (New Century Version)

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta                        

Shawn Delia Boreta

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