Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 613 of Giving Thanks

Today, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of things, I noticed "calmness in my spirit", and a sense of excitement and anticipation that has not presented itself as it is now. You know that feeling you get when Christmas morning is the next time you will wake up as a kid? That’s where I am right now. There is an anticipation of something great and knowingly wonderful is about to happen.

Although I have never had anyone prophesy over me, or tell me, “God says”, in regards to my healing, I know it to be true. I believe the healing has less to do with my physical body and everything to do with my spiritual state. As I prayed last night and as I wrote endlessly during my quiet time with God, these words came flooding out, almost automatically.
  • I believe I have been created to encourage others, through helping them believe that they have a purpose. 
  • I believe I have been created to teach others the truth, not only about God's word, but what God has to say about them. 
  • I believe I have been created to move others to discover their purpose.
Because of my relationship with God, through Jesus, I become stronger every day. I can only do so much on my own, but I must do all that I can do; and as I have been dealing with this “thing”, which from the outside seems like everything is A-ok, but there are times when the inside is not so, A-ok. There are times when if I were turned inside out (physically), it would scare me. Thankfully the Holy Spirit is in control of orchestrating that which is good for me, and helping me to be inside-out perfect, I know that there is no choice but for my body to let go of what is ailing it, and hang on to what is availing it.

Thank You Father for giving me a new inside and teaching me to reveal from the inside-out what is “You” and true for my life. Thank You for the opportunity to share what You share with me.

Comparatively speaking, my pain is nothing when I think of some of my friends who are in the middle of their own battle with the enemy of pain. For years I referred to the physical pain as the enemy in my cellular structure, but today as I prayed for a friend who is experiencing pain on a level 10, I thought of how God has used my pain to move me through to a different place in my life. How the enemy of pain has become the blessing of awareness. This awareness is not one that has come easily, but it has been easy to go to God in the midst of it. I do not take any of this lightly.

I have had pain for so many years, that most of the time I forget that it is pain, because it is so normal. I have had a reprieve lately. I am living the miracle of a freedom that is incredible, and so amazingly welcome. Regardless of what God has for me, whether this is a complete healing or just a reprieve, I am filled with resolve for healing ... I will receive it, here and eternity or just in eternity. Either way it is all good.

Father, I realize that through my pain I know that I am truly not meant to be of this world, and I depend so greatly upon Your mercies in my life here in this earthly body. I  thank You Lord that I get up every morning, and for all the things that so many others take for granted, I thank You that I can push toward You in the effort to do my daily tasks. At times it's the simplest of things that You strengthen me in that I am most grateful for. I thank You that I have You almighty and perfect Father to lean on, cling to and run toward. I come to You Lord thankful for the removal of pain, and the reprieve that is so welcome. I pray for those who suffer around me Lord. For those in physical distress, muscles that don’t function, with hearts that desire to be “normal” again. I lift my brothers and sisters up to You for healing of the uncooperative limbs and we pray for an outpouring of relief in the pain as they place all of their hearts into Your promises of becoming pain-free in our eternal bodies. 

I pray that although the muscles atrophy that there be unexplained strength and stamina. I pray Father that through all our experiences we will shine Your light brightly and abundantly, as much as the grace and mercies we receive so freely. Father, we cannot know what You have for us, but we know that it is good and Your plans are perfect in all ways. We pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be a continual experience for us, as we walk in Your light. In the mighty blood of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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