Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 619 of Giving Thanks

Many years ago I was referred to as Ms. Optimistic, yet my heart ached for something that was missing. From the outside and to the eyes of the world I had everything under control, yet my heart ached for something that was missing. As long as I could remember what I saw before me was complete to others, yet my heart ached for something that was missing. I was successful and living my life fully unaware that the something I ached for actually existed.

Through the void there was a voice calling to me, telling me that there was more, that life extended beyond what I was experiencing – that voice was always right before me and surrounding me, and called often.

One day, not so long ago, I answered the call and Ms. Optimistic became Mrs. Hope, joy and purpose. Today, I stand firmly on His promises.

Living in Christ is living my life toward a purpose – His purpose for my life... and in the process living this out, He grows me and gives me the opportunity to bear fruit. I must recognize every opportunity to share with others, and often that comes with recognizing the fruit in my own life.

Living in Christ is living my life toward purpose – His purpose for my life… and in the process of living this out, I learn daily to place my fears in Him, and place my trust with Him. I must overcome every day through the power of the Holy Spirit, and place not only what I don’t know or don’t understand before Him, but everything before Him.

Lord, this one area is creating havoc in my heart today. Give me the peace to fully explore what You have for me here. My brain says "no more of this", but my heart says, "What does God say?"... Waiting Lord; not always so patiently, but waiting, nonetheless.

Now, let me step into the world as though I believe and trust all His promises. Today, let me believe wholly what He says, listen for His word for me and share greatly in truth.

Today, my heart bleeds optimism as there is so much hope in my life. I put all my trust in you Lord, I trust you with my heart, my mind, and my soul.

Today, as I look in the mirror, I see the truth in my reflection. Today, I look to see what is inside. Today, I allow the Holy Spirit to see for me, allow my eyes that see as You see Father. Allow me to know that with Jesus in me, what looks back at me is amazing, beautiful and wonderfully and marvelously made. I have a purpose, and it is sanctioned by a mighty God.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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