Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 386 of Giving Thanks

More in Proverbs today at church – I am so amazed at how wonderful this book is. These words pierce deeply into the flesh. Not as conviction of “what I should do”, but confirmation of what my heart reveals to me the closer I get to my God.

I heard someone say today, "I tried Christianity", that is like saying, "I tried to die on the cross". 

When you truly want to know the truth, it will be revealed, He will make it absolutely clear that you don't "try" Christianity, you "live", "breathe", "feel", "engage" with a mighty God. And, it is through the engagement, the relationship with Him, that gratitude for what He has done moves your heart and soul.

The heart and soul response is what makes me live for Him, and when I have the right motive, and the right reason, it is response – not responsibility.

I am grateful that the desires of my heart are what make me respond correctly. I look to God for my reward – I desire to bring positive energy to someone’s life – I desire to show a God big, bold and brave presence through my life.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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