Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 237 of Giving Thanks

For the first time in 236 days, I struggled with writing the Giving Thanks Daily - I had such an odd day, that I didn't even remember writing. God has chosen this time of my life to allow a storm. This storm is part of my own making, like Jona’s storm – disobedience can be one of the most painful – as I tend to second-guess decisions already made. In staying faithful to the lessons, I am learning and keeping my eyes, heart, mind and dependencies in the right place, this storm will pass.

As this storm moves through, I must maintain some form of normalcy in my life. Today, we are having a celebration of this country’s independence – an independence that came with a price; much suffering, huge sacrifice and courage beyond my personal comprehension. I am grateful to live in a country where my freedom where I can openly practice my faith – I also know that these liberties are being threatened daily through the fear of those who do not know God. With the loyalties they serve, they feel free now – but this freedom is free of price. This freedom comes without a fight, without sacrifice, without pain and in essence is the unacknowledged slavery - a false-freedom that leads to an eternity without God.

On this Independence Day, I am grateful that I celebrate more freedoms than are humanly possible. A freedom that gives me a sense of peace, even in a storm – and no matter the outcome, whether clear skies, or another storm is to follow – there is always a clearing in my heart and hope for my soul.

Father, be with our country as we “find our way” and give us the courage to fight for our freedom in Your way. I pray that Your people will be strong, firm in their faith and that we exemplify You in our walk on this earth. Lord, may You be with all those that serve – to keep them safe and full of the knowledge of Your presence. Amen.

This is a wonderful writing by Max Lucado - I hope you are blessed.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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