Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 243 of Giving Thanks

Today we painted one more exterior wall of the house and painted the trim – it looks great. When we bought our house in November 2008, we jumped in knowing that there were things to be done – some cosmetically and some major projects; the painting is definitely cosmetic and what an amazing transformation.  Another beautiful transformation is our planter boxes, going from weeds taller than me now contain an array of pink and purple bougainvilleas, banana trees, queen palms, star jasmine and a scattering of other colorful items. And even though there are a few cracks in the plaster, a leaking window and a kitchen that could use more storage, it’s a great house.

No matter what happens in my life whether identifying or acknowledging the cracks and leaks in my life I know that I have a great life. I am grateful that my life is the one God gave me; the history I have is mine – and, in moving forward I pray that as cracks and leaks are repaired, that I can always remember what it was like when… things crumbled, life spayed all over and I prayed for restoration. It is in these times that I seek more, pray harder, give grace more freely and know God’s presence. I know now that some of the turmoil is given to me as a gift so I can truly know how amazing my God is.  Thank You Lord for all the transformations in my life and your hand in both the cosmetic and major projects.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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