Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 240 of Giving Thanks

We have this room in our house that we call the dungeon; when we first moved in my daughter “lived” in there. After Myranda moved out, we had a friend, who needed a hand, stay with us and she helped with the house. The room has been resident free, other than the spiders and crickets for months. Last night we had our previous resident move back in.

The room has its own side entrance to the house, and as you walk down the side yard there are beautiful plantings and Queen Palms, a lovely entrance. Then through the door was everything I didn’t know what to do with for the past six months – unorganized, un-sorted and ready to toss. “It’s only temporary” she said as we started to clear away the clutter, “I don’t mind living in the storage room” – with a chuckle.

As we sorted, cleared and cleaned we were able to connect, to talk and just catch up. I am amazed at the wisdom my daughter has for her almost twenty-one years. I am grateful that I can see the Lord working in her life; that through her journey, He speaks. And, through our life we have always been able to communicate; and when badly, we never strayed from our commitment as “mother and daughter”. I not only love my daughter, I adore her. I am proud of her and can’t wait for God to bless her as she grows in faith with Him.

Father, these storms have clearing moments and I am grateful for those too today. I pray for sustained and growing faith for the women in our household. I praise Your presence and continue to await the miracle You have for our family. Thank You for your favor.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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