Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 246 of Giving Thanks

“Life up to now” is where I am – but life before now is my past and everyone I know and meet in the future only cares about who I am now and who I am now serves an amazing God who is ALWAYS with me. As I have challenges, questions and even success, I have complete grace and protection of a God – who created everything.

Who I am going to be truly excites me. Here is how I view it: I look back and can see who I was, even just 9 months ago. Picture this – from the outside, all smiles – on the inside, heartbroken, broken, depressed, hurt and grasping at life, much of the time unaware of the great things around me. I was oblivious to the power of attraction or being attractive.  So many things were going in the wrong direction, not how I expected things to be, I was in a position that felt daunting and hope and joy did not reside here. I told myself things I would never dream of telling anyone else.

Fast Forward à
Today, my circumstances have not changed dramatically.  So what changed? ME!

The best change is the one that happens between my ears and in my heart. How I think and what drives me, is a desire to go from good to great.  And some say (I use to say), “I am OK” or “I am good”, shame on me for ever believing that. I heard today, “the enemy of great is good”.   

Greatness is God’s desire for us. It is when transformation happens; I start to realize greatness and greatness creates more desire. 

Shawn Delia Boreta

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