Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 261 of Giving Thanks

The riches of my world consist of the joy I feel because my eternity is set. Nothing compares with that kind of peace.  As I set out for my day, I think back to less than a month ago, when my life, as I “know it” was set to change, and in the moment of defeat, that time of devastation, all I could think of to do is go to God.

“When wickedness arrives, shame's not far behind; contempt for life is contemptible.” ~Proverbs 18:3 

My first thought was, “boy, I messed this up – and nothing comes to mind that I can do to fix it”. Seeking Him first, has allowed me to release the feelings and set my mind on moving forward. This is truly an amazing way to live.

Moving forward for me, while leaving the past behind has been impossible. Every step forward, I anticipated a step or nine behind. Times that I felt unstoppable were few and far between – the enemy would use my fear of failure, fear of disappointing others, fear of un-acceptance and start reeling me into despair and the blaming others for everything.  Because I was not anchored to the word, anchored to God’s promises, I was an easy catch. I was “saved” but I was drowning and being pulled under by my unbelief.

“God's name is a place of protection— good people can run there and be safe.” ~Proverbs 18:10

My almighty God, thank You for catching me, for grabbing hold of me so firmly that I can readily see the bait of the enemy as it is set.  Thank You for keeping me hooked into Your truths and thirsty for Your comfort, tenderness and grasp.  I pray that your hold, and my sight remains locked onto You, and know when to move, shift or modify where I am headed.

What an amazing thing to know that I am loved by a creator who thought of “me” before time began, planned “me” for a specific purpose, loved “me” before anyone else ever did, and sees “me” as the perfect fit into His people.  What an amazing feeling to want to seek more, know Him more, NEED Him more. I am grateful for God’s hold on my life. I am grateful that with Him, it will get better and better.  It is only with God in my life, and through G.O.D., will I truly transform to His perfect me.

G. gratitude            
O. obedience            
D. dependence

Shawn Delia Boreta

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