Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 254 of Giving Thanks

I will start with gratitude tonight. It is the simple things today that I am thankful for today.  – the sun as I looked out the window this morning – time with God to start my day - easy, traffic-free travel as I drove to work today – a cup of coffee – answered prayer – my new friends, and my existing friends – freedom to live where I do – my beliefs and the standards that I am honored to keep for God.

My day was filled with busyness, almost allowed craziness, but I remembered what I have learned, and that was to – STOP, BREATH, CALM DOWN and PRAY.

And, my day continued to be just busy.  In the work I do, or at least the area of work I do, I see daily heartache and occasional miracles, and as I become more seeking, I see much more and sense more deeply. Since being on Facebook, about a year, I have met some amazing people of God, and in the process of reading, exploring, researching and writing, I have made some amazing changes – I truly have transformed in the time I have been here.  This is not to boast, it is to testify, that my life is not what it was. I am confident in a way that is new to me. I am bolder in serving justice and I am finally happy with who I am now, and excited about who I am becoming.

Thank You Lord for Your grace, patience, endurance and dedication to me as I learn who You want me to be. And, thank You for giving me proof of Your existence in my learning and language style. Thank You for taking away the ignorance, illiteracy and doubt. 

Shawn Delia Boreta

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