Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 239 of Giving Thanks

I hate conflict, confrontation and criticism. But they are all part of how I grow. I am grateful for all the attention God places on the refinement of me. Today, there is a calming, one that comes after a storm – a sky that is amazing and a God that completely amazes. In my journey, how I deal with the relationships in my life have been exposed – and as I did my word search on relationship today – “ship” or a VESSEL – should be seaworthy, sturdy, able to withstand harsh seas, on occasion bottoming out and numerous storms. All my relationships get stronger with conflict – Inevitably I sin, I admit it to God, I then ask for His forgiveness, repent and as long as that cycle keeps going we will get stronger in Christ, as He guides me, prompts me and wants me to grow. And with every reminder that change must occur, I work harder and harder toward who God is making me to be, as well as ask for more help along the way. I become more diligent in my quest to be better, more like Christ. It is when I see that my challenges are from sin that the healing begins.

In my relationships with others, I tend to be less forgiving, less grace-full and sometimes not loving at all. I can hide behind my being faithful and ignoring what I should do because of a pain or hurt. I must realize that hurt is all part of it – it may not “be fair”, but neither was the crucifixion of Christ. I am grateful today that because of a strong relationship with God, I can have an example of how I should be. I must be able to withstand harsh seas, bottoming out and numerous storms. And, really my relationship with God, is reflected toward others.

Lord, as I become “seaworthy”, I am grateful for Your strengthening of this vessel.  Thank You for conflict with others and helping me to see that it is me that needs to change. Thank You for the grace extended by others, as they wait for change.

“It would be better for us to consider the potential for conflict every day and simply enjoy the difference in other people—getting less serious, troubled and potentially hurt about it. This, of course, isn’t easy. But it’s a start.” Steve Wickham, Tribal Works Full Article

Shawn Delia Boreta

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