Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 257 of Giving Thanks

Last night I received my promotion for Regional Leader, which means I have one promotion left to be independent in my business. I did not receive 1st place recognition, or even the top 5 – but I felt like it was the most significant moment I have experienced since I started the business. First thought as I look at the plaque this morning, is “the long history, does not matter” I affirm myself “the journey is mine, the time is all about God’s timing, and today, I go forward with the goal in mind, and success on my heart”.

I am grateful for “my” journey, the one God allowed me to have. A journey that, I believe many would have stopped and given up on that dream, but my dream and my DESIRE to reach that dream is strong and fierce – THE LION’S EYES I AM LOOKING AT ARE MINE,  as I look in the mirror - and I will conquer any and all fear. “What Christ sees in me, I have not yet seen”, but I have seen a glimpse and that is enough.

I remember where I come from (day 250), where God started telling me that I was wonderfully made, deserving of good things and how He has changed me because I have taken His promises at face value and did my part and will continue to do my part. Thank you Lord for “my” journey and Your hand in everything about me.”

I am grateful for whom I have already become and the “me” in the making by my creators hand. 

Shawn Delia Boreta

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