Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 251 of Giving Thanks

As I write for today, I am overwhelmed with God’s goodness. I am actually speechless or wordless as I reflect on today’s amazing power.  There were so many moments, instances and visions from today, I cannot describe them all. We did a ministry church talk today; my friend and fellow ministry worker, Trena spoke her testimony – as she spoke, I sat there mesmerized by how I could not only hear God, but also feel the presence as she spoke. I knew someone was receiving her message – what God gave me was “What Christ sees in me, I have not yet seen”.  Trena did not have this in her notes, nor does she remember saying it. This has been my journey God’s total work in me was to believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Trena and I went through Stephen Ministry together and started working for the ministry on the same day – kindred spirits.  We had over an hour in the car on the way, our time at the church and a ride home – we just had a blessed time.  On the way home as she shared a story, I had an image pop into my head.

A woman was in a jungle, and staring into the eyes of a female lion, with babies to her right and that’s what I could see from my vantage point. (I had this vision before a few weeks ago, and I attributed it to a movie I had seen).

Today, it continued. It was as if was experiencing it in first person, and third person all at the same time. Then I was above the scene, and I could see a fierce, huge, male lion off to the left and behind her. My thoughts “if I move, I’m dead, if I stay here, I’m dead”, but there was no feeling of anxiety, just stillness.

Then it panned out a little more, and all around the woman, were more lions, still and patient.  And the view was from an even higher vantage point – and even more lions encircled the woman; and it panned out one more time, and from the next view I saw lion hunters behind all the lions – ready with a word. Then I looked up and the mighty hand of God was above “me”, ready to snatch me out of danger – larger and more powerful than the mind could comprehend.

The vision spoke to Trena it was relevant. And as I head toward the evening, and let all of this sync in, I realize how amazing my life is. How God has provided me with a peace that I have never felt before – one that only comes in one way, and that is through His intervening in my life, though His love and tenderness. I am grateful for knowing the characteristics of God and I continue to be in awe of His work.

I may be looking eye to eye with the enemy, danger or obstacle – but God never leaves me and He always protects me. And, as I follow my dream, my heart’s desires, He is here, giving me the inspiration I need to keep moving forward.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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