Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 252 of Giving Thanks

What is there not to be grateful for? I have access to running water, clean clothes and everything within 5 minutes from me at all times – plus delivered pizza, just a phone call away, which my husband and I enjoyed immensely on Saturday evening, but I will extend more gratitude than just a Maui Wowee pizza and bottled root beer today.

The amazing thing is that I feel I take so much for granted, and yet there are also many things overwhelm my senses when I think of what I have been given – and the promises that God has made, magnifies that feeling to a level of intensity that cannot be explained. I was describing my journey in Reader’s Digest version today of the past, two years shy of a decade – talk about surreal. That in all my days as a Christian, it is this day that I can truly connect with my heavenly Father; that I truly know that I have a purpose; when I am down or up, He is with me; and throughout my journey, I now know it was laid out ahead of time.

Purposed! Indirect, by my calculations, but then I would have landed somewhere unknown because I am directionally challenged. However, very DIRECT, according to God – And, as I share my life, my testimony and my journey with others, I am reminded that the start was that of an out of sync, frightened, unsure, arrogant and insecure girl. And, today, I stand a mighty woman of God. Sure of my faith. Sure of my walk, and knowingly following His lead through the road, desert, paradise or whatever else He deems necessary – with open eyes, ears, heart, mind, and objective. Thank You Lord for your perfect route and calculations for my life.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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