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Day 557 of Giving Thanks Daily - Guest Writer, Lyn Smith

What an honor to welcome Lyn Smith to our fabulous list of guest writers - she is a wonderful friend (whom I have never met in person, but reap the amazing blessings of her writing and insights). Lyn, welcome to Giving Thanks Daily Writers - Thank you for your beautiful contribution.
Day 556 of Giving Thanks Daily - Guest Writer, Lyn Smith

One of the most attractive qualities in a person is gratitude. Likewise, one of the most unattractive is entitlement.

When God’s people were embarking on what was supposed to be a short jaunt through the desert, God miraculously provided food they didn’t have to work for. It just appeared. Every morning when they got up, “thin flakes like frost” covered the ground. All they had to do was gather and prepare it. Psalm 78 says, “Men ate the bread of angels” because God rained down manna from heaven.

The bread of angels! Who wouldn’t be grateful for that? 

The Israelites, that’s who. They got tired of it. They wanted something different. Yes, different than the bread of angels.

Hard to believe, huh? Actually, not really. We get the bread of angels everyday.

The very breath we breathe is from God. The fact that we are alive is more than we deserve. He chose to give us life and He sustains it. When we realize how beautiful, perfect and holy He is, and how NOT those things we are without Christ, we can’t ask for anything. All we can do is fall on our faces before Him and thank Him for saving us, for letting us know Him, for letting us be His temples, for letting us serve Him, for letting us speak His name, for letting us experience forgiveness and freedom, for letting us spend eternity in His presence.

Yet, we ask for something different. A new house, a new car, a vacation, more money, a better job, nicer things … and when we don’t get them we are disappointed because for some reason we think we are entitled.

Do we really want what we deserve? 

I’ll take the bread of angels, thanks.
Let me get on my face and say that again … thank You.

About Lyn
For more than 20 years, Lyn served in leadership positions with Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF). After years of biblical training under Dallas Theological Seminary's professors and other scholars, she served the last eight years as a Teaching Leader. Each week she trained lay leaders and presented lectures from Scripture to a class averaging 150 women. 
Now speaking and writing in her new ministry, Solid Foundations, Lyn's passion is encouraging, equipping and empowering others to know Jesus intimately and experience freedom in Him.  She co-hosts blog talk radio show "Living Truth" and serves on the Human Trafficking Task Force for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.  
Making her home near Oklahoma City, Lyn is married and has three children. When she's not doing life in her four-inch stilettos, she's being athletic and running in her favorite sneakers.

You can connect with Lyn on Facebook or visit her at her website.

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