Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 559 of Giving Thanks

There truly is no place like home. Our plane landed on time, just the right way to end our vacation. I will start at the beginning of our trip. On Tuesday morning, we awoke at 5:30AM and were out the door with our amazing drive, my daughter, Myranda. We do not travel often, so we always plan with plenty of time – both of us hate to be “stressed out” because we are late, so that was not the case at the airport. We had a leisurely breakfast and I read while Chris played with a new electronic toy. Everything from then on went smoothly and on time.

We arrived at our hotel, unpacked, had a wonderful lunch and we were poolside by 1:30PM. I love the sun, warm weather and experiencing summer. After our fun in the sun, our first night in Las Vegas we did not see a show, walk the strip or really much of anything exciting, but it was something we greatly needed – time together and sleep.

During our time at the pool, I found many opportunities to talk with others, the server, the folks sitting next to us or with those who were standing around in the pool. On Thursday afternoon, our friend sent us a wonderful gift to our room – chocolate, fruit, and more chocolate – that was the night we decided to walk the strip – we looked in the shops, watched the people and had an opportunity to really talk to each other – we had a great time. And another gift was waiting when we returned that evening, six beautiful red roses. It was an absolutely lovely evening, with my absolutely wonderful husband.

There truly is no place like home – where my husband is, my life is and all is wonderful in my world. Thank You God.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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