Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 325 of Giving Thanks

Sometimes when I start my day I am amazed at God’s grace and mercy – before I even step out of bed. Today was one of those days. The last three days, I have had very low blood pressure (82/44), dizziness, nausea, a severe headache and instability with my motor skills – it has been quite a nuisance this week.

With God all things are possible.” ~Matthew 19:26

For the first time in many weeks, I woke up, on time, and without an alarm clock (it felt like old times).  As I readied myself for my day, I realized that the headache was almost gone and I was stable on my feet. Praise God.

Today I had a glimpse of what I use to “feel” like – a pain-free and full day, a day that I didn’t have to fight for my energy. I am grateful that hope comes at the right moments every time; that my life is in order, according to my Father in heaven. A good day can carry me for months, but today, I had a different sense – that I will feel like I did today more often. What a great day to remember and I know that being grateful is not just for the “good” day, but for every day – and with gratitude there is nothing but “good’ days.

I am looking forward to each day living out my life in an amazing way - moving toward my dreams – sharing my life with others – and living great-fully as a grateful person because I died and was reborn.

“Every God-begotten person conquers the world's ways. The conquering power that brings the world to its knees is our faith. The person who wins out over the world's ways is simply the one who believes Jesus is the Son of God.” 1 John 5:4-6

Shawn Delia Boreta

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