Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 270 of Giving Thanks

As I sit here quietly this morning, I can really only reflect on one thing – and that is the joy and pride I feel for the wonderful gift God brought me 21 years ago. Today, my daughter, Myranda is 21. Through the years, like most mothers and daughters, we have learned many things getting to know one another. It has always amazed me how much this mother and daughter are alike – but today is a tribute to her uniqueness and her character!

For every day, I am grateful for my daughter, Myranda –
When you were born, you moved my heart and soul in a way that nothing ever could before, or in my life-time ever will move me like the love I have for you.

I would sit for hours and stare at you. In my arms, tightly and securely and never wanting to let go.      

Myranda, you were the best baby, happy and rarely cried – your laugh was and still is infectious – I loved to sit with you and tickle you, make funny faces for you, sing to you, bounce you, or whatever possible just to hear you laugh.

Smart does not describe you. You are brilliant!

Myranda, through the years, you have tugged my heart, with your will, your wit, your courage, your tenacity and your hard work – you are an amazing young woman. You love people so much – you put your heart out there; do not stop. You care so much for those in your life, you feel what they feel; this is your gift. People look up to you, and admire who you have become; and others want to be around you; know this and remember this. You are beautiful, bold, courageous and lovely.

And, today, 21 years from the day I first laid eyes on my beautiful daughter, the love of my life, I still want to hold tightly and securely and never let go, but you are grown – and the time has come...

Shawn Delia Boreta

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