Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 288 of Giving Thanks

I love surprises, don’t you? Today was one of those days – from the moment I woke up, it was one unexpected thing to another. I had my day planned out, and not a single thing I had planned on happened.

Our internet at work, at first was extremely slow, then it stopped working all together. I received a call from one of my Facebook friends, and although I knew we would talk, I didn’t realize I would have time to actually do it today. When I arrived at the office, I found out I was speaking. And my business evening ended with a new teammate – all unexpected and a great outcome for the day.

Before I became a Christian, I had these ideas of what a Christian was like. Dull, boring, restricted and rules, rules, rules – maybe this sounds familiar to someone else. What I got was totally unexpected. I am more excited than I have ever been. My life is amazing and fulfilled. And, I am guided by my heart, not by rules - all unexpected and a great outcome for my life.

I am grateful for the hope I feel – for the joy I live daily, and every day, I look forward to what He has for me to learn. My job is to live life to the fullest, while glorifying my God – all though He knows what that looks like for me, every day has been an unexpected gift. 

Shawn Delia Boreta

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